Spotlight: Ocean Gelata Meets Curious, Talented Minds

There are not enough adjectives in any language to adequately respond the the breathtaking photos of Alexander Semenov.

He is a living embodiment of talent + curiosity + intelligence + passion, all coming together for ocean exploration and inquiry. And he is passionate about sharing it with the world.

Let’s get this crowdfunding going! Support Alex & his ocean exploration dream! Check it out, and support it in any way you can today — these are the people the oceans need, to bring enthusiasm and smarts to help discover and decipher their secrets, and to bring their wonder to everyone around the globe.

Take a minute and check out Alexander’s Flickr photo gallery – prepare to get lost in the beauty of ocean gelata.

Support his AquatilisTV venture (check out the stunning website) by donating to his Indiegogo campaign here.

Help him give us all a window into an amazing underwater world of creatures that are too stunning, crazy and out-of-this-world to really believe.

Cyanea capillata feeding_ASemenov
Cyanea capillata feeding, copyright Alexander Semenov

Alex is one of the most generous underwater photographers we know. We support him ‘full on’, as Iz would say.

Media coverage of the Aquatilis TV campaign to make this ocean exploration dream come true:

Wired – The Daring Three-Year Expedition to Reveal the Creatures of the Deep

Russia Beyond the Headlines – Venturing Into the Ocean Depths (*lovely webpage)

The Independent – Expedition Aquatilis: An Undersea Odyssey to Get to the Bottom of the Ocean’s Food Chain

The Daily Mail – What lies beneath? Scientists to embark on a 35,000-mile journey to discover more about bizarre translucent Gelata organisms living at the bottom of the sea

Metro UK – Off to sea for a jelly long time: Custom-built yacht will track Gelata jellyfish on worldwide tour


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Pic ‘o the week – eyes of a giant octopus

A stunning close-up of a North Pacific giant octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) in the Japan Sea. How did talented Russian photographer Alexander Semenov get so close? He says “It’s not easy to get close, but this one was a very patient and calm one. And he was curious about me, so we contacted a little and I made this shot.”

copyright Alexander Semenov
copyright Alexander Semenov

Alexander’s photos of underwater creatures and their habitats are beautiful and haunting. Check them out here on his site, and if you fall in love with them, buy prints here on Artflakes.

Pic ‘o the week – Red Bull

A Red Bull (Amphipoda Acanthonotozoma inflatum) in the White Sea.

photo © Alexander Semenov

Says photog Alexander Semenov, “This amphipod crustacean is kinda unique, because of its very bright color, but it lives in the bushes of red algaes usually, so it’s hidden from enemies and carnivores. Acanthonotozoma feeds on bryozoans, destroying their small houses and eating soft parts.”