Pic o’ the week – What Lies Under

“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

A nice graphic reminder for us by Indonesia-based digital artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto.

Find groups and people working to cut down on ocean pollution and debris – here on our plastic/marine debris Twitter list.

And give up, as much as you can, single-use bags, bottles and disposables of all types. Check out The Zero Waste Home for lots of tips and inspiration. You’ll help the ocean.

* Thanks to iNaturalist.org and Oceans Initiative for introducing us to this image.

Notable Ocean Quotable: plastic bags

“There is no reason a product we use for a few minutes should float in our oceans for a few hundred years.”

Dave Mathews of Environment Oregon

After the state legislature failed to take decisive action to reduce Oregonians’ use of single-use plastic bags, a mosaic of activists, conservationists and just plain sensible people are working in cities and counties across the state to take action to reduce this most destructive habit of consumers.