Spotlight: Alexander Semenov, biologist/diver/photographer

Alexander Semenov is a wildlife photographer, with a twist. “I think all the people in the world know how tigers and lions looks like, but only a few ever know about scyphozoan jellies – that they can grow up to three meters in diameter and have tentacles of 36 meters,” says Semenov.

semenov_sea slug

He’s been working lately out of the White Sea Biological Station, in the Arctic Circle at latitude 66 degrees N.

As Wired magazine notes in its excellent article on Semenov:

Semenov’s photographs have been used by scientists, teachers, book authors and encyclopedia editors around the world. His team has identified species that were previously unknown to inhabit the waters of the White Sea, but he says it is rare that his team discovers a new species entirely.

“The important thing is not to find new species but to understand how every creature you already know lives,” says Semenov. “There is not so much information about underwater worlds, because scientific diving isn’t old at all, 60 years maybe. I try to make snapshots of the life-cycles of the animals I see: growth, feeding, copulation, reproduction, birth and death – all these moments can be seen and photographed.”

You can view many of this photos in this Wired article, and more of his photography on BehanceFlickr and his personal blog and stunning website.

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