Pic(s) o’ the Week: Creatures of the Deep

These stunning colourful creatures might look like they’re from another world but they are in fact rarely seen marine life. Underwater photographer, Colin Marshall, has dedicated more than 15 years to photographing the little known species and credits his favourite diving spot, Lembeh in Indonesia, where he has completed more than 500 dives, for some of his best shots. —The Telegraph

“One attraction with underwater photography is that there is a very good chance that anyone with a camera can take an exceptional picture of a particular animal, simply because there are very few images of that animal in existence,” Marshall told Caters News Agency in an interview. “If you are underwater in a place like Lembeh you have a chance of not just seeing an animal that few have seen, but also to take one of the first — and by definition the best — images of that animal.” –Colin Marshall, photographer

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