Loggerhead turtle emerging

Fabulous footage! The first steps {and swim} of life on a Florida beach – a loggerhead turtle hatchling emerges from its nest and, following its instincts, light, and other cues, heads for the sea.

Kudos to the volunteers who spend countless hours in Florida monitoring and protecting loggerhead nests – according to NOAA, it’s one of only two places in the world where masses of loggerheads nest:

“The most recent reviews show that only two loggerhead nesting beaches have greater than 10,000 females nesting per year: South Florida (U.S.) and Masirah Island (Oman).”

Video courtesy Volusia Flagler Turtle Patrol ; hat tip to @KM_SocialBiz for alerting us to this video.


4 responses to “Loggerhead turtle emerging

  1. Great footage!
    I’m happy to say that my sister and brother-in-law have volunteered countless hours to the Volusia and Flagler turtle patrol helping to preserve these wonderful creatures. Not sure how much the public knows about how physically challenging this work is. The volunteers are up well before sunrise to check the beaches every single morning during turtle nesting season. Once the turtles begin to hatch, the volunteers have to clean the nests. This means digging down into the sand the length of your arm. Most of the volunteers are retired. This is a slow process looking for live turtles, preserving those that haven’t hatched, burying the ones who didn’t make it and counting the remnants of egg shells from those who survived. There are hundreds of nests that need attention each day. And this is just what little I know about it. I’m sure there is much more that goes on! Kudos to all the volunteers of Turtle Patrol!

  2. Reblogged this on oldboatshoes and commented:
    Sometimes it’s nice to post something that shows the ‘good’ in nature, rather than all the ‘bad’ associated with plastic pollution. Enjoy! – Matt

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