Notable Ocean Quotable: plastic bags

“There is no reason a product we use for a few minutes should float in our oceans for a few hundred years.”

Dave Mathews of Environment Oregon

After the state legislature failed to take decisive action to reduce Oregonians’ use of single-use plastic bags, a mosaic of activists, conservationists and just plain sensible people are working in cities and counties across the state to take action to reduce this most destructive habit of consumers.

4 thoughts on “Notable Ocean Quotable: plastic bags

  1. Do you mind if I use this lovely photo on my Facebook group “Save the Environment One Plastic Bag at a Time”? We have the beautiful Red Sea and the Mediterranean, and your photo really captures wonderfully a huge problem we’re having.

    1. It’s not our photo, and we couldn’t figure out who took it originally or we would have credited them in the post. So I suppose you can use it… if you ever do find out whose photo it is, let us know – we like to attribute photos! Great Facebook group you have! Just asked to join.

  2. I was on Cozumel in 2004 and decided to grab a big bag and clean the beach. Relatives staying with me teased me, but a few days later asked for some bags. I asked what is going on? They are going to clean the rest of the beaches. They heard at the diving class that fishes eat the garbage and die. They are believers in reincarnation! I am a believer in ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. Well, the beaches got cleaned anyway. Locals were looking and wondering…

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