greening surfboards

Many surfers tend to be concerned about our oceans’ health – they spend  a lot of time immersed in their waters, after all.

That their sole piece of sporting equipment – the surfboard – is made of a brew of chemicals, including petroleum-based foam, polyester resins and chemically treated fiberglass, has long been what reporter Mike Anton calls “surfing’s quiet contradiction”.

Anton’s intriguing LA Times article about the state of surfboard production is a good read. As some surfboard shapers try to use more eco-friendly ingredients in surfboard ‘blanks’, debate rages about whether it can really be done.

One venture, San Diego-based Malama Composites, is producing soy-based foam cores. Another, Green Foam Blanks, is recycling the foam core dust for new blanks.

Can it be done? Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy Millzero Photography/Ali Nishan

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