comes with construction supplies pre-installed

A big ‘wow’ – The New York Times has a fascinating report about scientists studying undersea creatures to try to develop better waterproof adhesives.

Some are looking closely at the sandcastle worm (Phragmatopoma californica). Sandcastle worms build their own housing, so to speak. Incredibly, as reporter Henry Fountain notes, to build their homes one grain of sand at a time, they make their own waterproof glue from their heads:

“…using a specialized organ on its head, it produces a microscopic dab or two of glue that it places, just so, on the existing structure. Then it wiggles a new grain into place and lets it set.” All while underwater.

Think about it. Just remarkable.

Photo courtesy Ken-ichi Ueda

One response to “comes with construction supplies pre-installed

  1. Thanks for sharing the report from the NYT. We are into underwater bonding but had not seen this sancastle worm information. Good image too.

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